377594_327265314061180_682891200_nI moved to Germany as a school exchange student in 2001 and decided to throw caution (and my spot at college in the US) to the wind and apply for school here. Little did I know just how infuriatingly bureaucratic and filled with hiccups the road ahead would be. After a long and arduous application process, I finally held in my hand the piece of paper that would change my life forever: my acceptance to the University of Cologne, for the program of Political Science.

Of the stuff I had to learn the hard way over the hours, days, and weeks before and after getting here, about 1% of it was stuff that had to be experienced. The other 99% was stuff I really wish someone had just written down for me from day 1. So, with this in mind, I started this blog in an attempt to help anyone thinking of or trying to move to Germany get the annoying formalities out of the way faster. This blog aims at laying out literally some of the most basic information that everyone already assumes you know once you get here, and no one ever really tells you. It will make your life easier without taking away the exciting newness of moving abroad. I hope this way there is more room for the exciting stuff, whether it be the magic of its castles, or the robust look of its Lederhosen, the rich smells of its wurst, or taste of its many types of beer.

For me, it was the basically free tuition… and with that I, Lexi, along with my little dog, Hugo, wish you eine gute Reise.



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